Muziekbeleving met Emotie

Waar is dat gevoel gebleven? Op het tapijt liggend platen draaien en platenhoezen verslinden. Volgens mij kan dit nog steeds! 

Ik vergelijk het luisteren naar muziek wel eens met het drinken van een glas verse jus d’orange. Je drinkt ervan en kunt slechts met veel moeite stoppen. Liefst drink je het glas in één lange teug leeg! Die ervaring, maar dan met muziek, dat is waar we bij ons naar streven.   

Rik Stoet Audio is gespecialiseerd in draaitafels en versterkers in elke prijsklasse, luidsprekers voor elke acoustiek. Soms combineren we oud en modern en wel zo dat dat gevoel, die emotie, weer terugkomt.     

Zo stellen we complete sets samen die klinken als vanouds, met het comfort van vandaag! We richten huizen in met muziek in alle kamers, soms bijna onzichtbaar. We gebruiken gecentraliseerde bronnen en projecteren beeld in uw thuisbioscoop. En we weten alles van streamen!

Wij zijn een leuke winkel waar vakkennis hoog in het vaandel staat, en service krijgt u altijd, ook elders in het land. Probeer het maar eens uit!

  • Elandbrug Closed
    Elandbrug Closed

    The Elandstraat and Elandbrug in The Hague will be closed to through traffic from Monday 9 January until the end of the year. This has to do with activities in the Zeeheldenkwartier. Through traffic can no longer use the…

  • Cambridge Audio trade-in weeks
    Cambridge Audio trade-in weeks

    The Cambridge Audio CX series-2 trade-in offer:

    CXA81 - €300 discount.

    CXN v2 - €350 discount.

    CXC v2 - €170 discount.

    *CXA61 is excluded from the promotion.

    You can trade in any audio product (from a wireless speaker…


    News 02 Jun 2022

    The KLH Model 5 loudspeaker developed by Henry Kloss, Malcolm Low and Joseph Hoffman (KLH), the success of the 1960s, is back. After unpacking, the first reaction is a smile that reaches up to your ears.

    How do…

  • Smart guys over there at Essential Audio Tools!
    Smart guys over there at Essential Audio Tools!

    News 12 May 2022

    Essential Audio Tools has introduced a new and unique product, the smallest high-end power extension box on the market, the Myni!
    The Myni uses IEC contacts instead of Schuko outputs with high contact pressure,…

  • New introductions Silent Angel
    New introductions Silent Angel

    News 10 Feb 2022

    Silent Angel, known for Bonn N8 network switch, the Forester F1 linear power supply, Munich Player and the Rhein Z1 Musci Server, comes with a number of new products.

    The program is expanded with a Bonn N8 Pro…

  • After ZIGGO still Radio !
    After ZIGGO still Radio !

    Now that Ziggo has removed the radio signal from the cable, we get a lot of questions about an alternative to radio reception via the tuner.

    We have done research and have come up with a nice solution. For a fixed rate of 200…

  • New in our shop ; STAX
    New in our shop ; STAX

    Ask any seasoned audiophile about high-end headphones and it won't be long before the name Stax is mentioned. The company launched the world's first electrostatic headphones in 1960 and laid the foundation for a well-deserved and…

  • Rik Stoet Audio in The New York Times!
    Rik Stoet Audio in The New York Times!

    News 24 nov 2014 ---

    What a surprise! An article in The New York Times where they talk about us as the turntable specialists. We only have one comment on wwhat is said about our Espresso or Cappuccino: normally you don't have to…

  • Cambridge Audio new Evo series: well done!
    Cambridge Audio new Evo series: well done!

    News 20 Apr 2021

    Today we received the new Cambridge Audio Evo 75 and Evo 150.
    First impression - looks very nice and has all kinds of nice features on board, for example the ring behind the volume control, with which you can…

  • New model Takumi TT Level2.1
    New model Takumi TT Level2.1

    NEW model !
    Now that Vinyl is undergoing a revival, the demand for turntables is also increasing. More and more models are making their entrance, only rarely is there a turntable that appeals to the feeling of many both…

  • Monitor Audio GOLD series 5: Gold with a platinum edge
    Monitor Audio GOLD series 5: Gold with a platinum edge

    News May 16, 2019

    The Monitor Audio Gold Series has been a name among connoisseurs for more than fifteen years. This newest fifth generation has been improved again by applying technology from the "Platinum" top line.

    The layer…

  • All Stirling Broadcast BBC monitors are in our shop!
    All Stirling Broadcast BBC monitors are in our shop!

    News 13 Feb 2014 ---

    The LS3 / 6 is a 3 way full range studio monitor developed by Derek Hughes and the BBC. Production takes place by Stirling Broadcast under the license of the British Broadcast Corporation.

    The thin wall…

  • Icon Audio MB30 single-ended mono amplifiers
    Icon Audio MB30 single-ended mono amplifiers

    News 11 Jun 2013 ---

    The new MB30SE monoblocks from Icon Audio are now playing with us in the demo room. The power of up to 27 watts, is solid for a single-ended amplifier, usually giving amplifiers according to this principle a…

  • Sugden Audio : real class A amplifiers!
    Sugden Audio : real class A amplifiers!

    News 30 Oct 2018

    Sugden has been making pure Class A amplifiers since 1967.
    And yes, they get pretty hot, but because there is no crossover distortion, they sound wonderful.

    Even the "entry-level model", always a relative…

  • Stirling Broadcast BBC LS3 / 5a v2 is great!
    Stirling Broadcast BBC LS3 / 5a v2 is great!

    News June 15, 2013 ---

    Today there was a stack of boxes, arriving from England. I could hardly wait to unpack, but the store was happy-filled with customers and they are more important! After closing time, unpacked and connected.…

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