Icon Audio is a small Tube Amplifier company based in Leicester in the UK. Established in 2000, it is wholly owned by David Shaw who has been a keen hi fi enthusiast all his life.
The have a small factory in China where chassis are assembled with our own all-important transformers (which are in-house designed and wound) for final assembly in Leicester.

  • Icon Audio Passive Pre
    Icon Audio Passive Pre

    Icon Audio's Passive Line Pre Amplifier is a purer alternative to a full pre amplifier, allowing line level items directly to your power amplifier, with only high quality volume and input switching inbetween. The main reasons for…

    € 629,00
  • Icon Audio LA4 MkIII Pre Amplifier
    Icon Audio LA4 MkIII Pre Amplifier

    A preamplifier without a first-rate power supply is about as valuable as the box in which it comes. Which is why Icon Audio double-downed on the power supply and associated design in its handmade LA4 MKIII line preamplifier. The…

    € 2.229,00
  • Icon Audio LA5 Pre Amplifier
    Icon Audio LA5 Pre Amplifier

    At its core, Icon Audio's transformer-based LA5 TX is an all-valve, low-gain line preamplifier that buffers the input and provides the transformer with peak drive. But unlike most of its transformer-based peers--many of which cost…

    € 3.999,00
  • Icon Audio PS1 MkII Phono Preamplifier
    Icon Audio PS1 MkII Phono Preamplifier

    Icon Audio designer David Shaw loves vinyl. What he doesn't like are the medium's sonic impurities, often found on older records that each and everyone of us has in their collection. His solution? The Icon Audio PS1 MkII MM/MC…

    € 1.799,00
  • Icon Audio PS2 MM
    Icon Audio PS2 MM

    Icon Audio PS2 phono stage is a “one box” simplified version of the award-winning PS1 phono stage and is thus excellent value for money. The PS2 is designed for moving magnet (MM) cartridges.

    It is well know that valves can…

    € 979,00
  • Icon Audio PS3
    Icon Audio PS3

    The PS3 MkII is built onto two chassis, one for the power supply and another for the phonostage itself. The power supply features a very large power transformer, an EZ80 rectifier valve and two large chokes to provide a smooth…

    € 3.269,00
  • Icon Audio HP8 MkII
    Icon Audio HP8 MkII

    Headphones have such an intimate relationship with the listener, the headphone amplifier should be as close to perfect as possible.

    The usual way to provide a headphone output on an amplifier is to drop the power through a couple…

    € 1.279,00
  • Icon Audio Stereo 20 PP
    Icon Audio Stereo 20 PP

    In a rapidly changing world it's nice to have some traditional values. In 1955 The British company H.J. Leak designed the Stereo 20 using the new Mullard EL84, and ECC83 valves. An instant worldwide success, the Stereo 20…

    € 1.299,00
  • Icon Audio Stereo 25 Mk II
    Icon Audio Stereo 25 Mk II

    Icon Audio created the handmade Stereo 25 MkII integrated tube amplifier with the goal of making it the easiest-to-use, lowest-maintenance, and most powerful high-end integrated tube amplifier in its price range. A straightforward…

    € 1.899,00
  • Icon Audio Stereo 40 MkIV
    Icon Audio Stereo 40 MkIV

    Exceptional all-round performance at a modest price!
    The Stereo MKI was our first model in 2001 and has always been a special product to us. Since that time we have substantially improved it over the years.
    In its latest guise,…

    € 3.279,00
  • Icon AudioStereo 60 MkIII
    Icon AudioStereo 60 MkIII

    Size, style, sumptuous sound: Icon Audio's handmade ST60 MKIIIm has it all, along with the boast of being the world's first KT150 integrated ultralinear/triode hi-fi tube amplifier. That's right: A simple flick of a switch takes…

    € 4.999,00
  • -20%

    Icon Audio MB30 Power Amplifier
    Icon Audio MB30 Power Amplifier

    The new KT120 was chosen for its all round qualities and good power, it is also considerably cheaper than vintage triodes like the 300B which will only deliver 9W SE. The heart of a good Single Ended amplifier is the output…

    € 3.449,00 € 2.759,00
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