Sugden has over four decades of audio engineering experience to bring the ultimate satisfaction in music. Their products are designed and manufactured in West Yorkshire by a loyal, dedicated and knowledgeable staff. This has led to their brand being synonymous with passion for audio, as well as design, build and sonic quality.

Their use of Class A designs for many of their amplifiers is now quite unique in the industry, producing the famous Sugden sound - soft and lively, presented through a holographic soundstage. A truly classic name in British hi-fi.

  • Sugden Audio A21SE Stage Two Phono Amplifier
    Sugden Audio A21SE Stage Two Phono Amplifier

    There are two dedicated phono amplifiers in the Sugden range and both are borne from our passion for vinyl. The Stage Two offers exceptional value for money with facilities to cater for both MM and MC cartridges. The design is a…

    € 1.000,00
  • Sugden Audio PA-4 phonostage
    Sugden Audio PA-4 phonostage

    Vinyl is a passion for some people and that includes the designers at Sugden Audio. It is capable of the very finest musical experience creating a unique presence and atmosphere. The PA-4 is one of the most rewarding phono…

    € 3.000,00
  • Sugden Audio Masterclass DAC4
    Sugden Audio Masterclass DAC4

    The DAC-4 offers a well judged alternative to the plethora of other DAC’s available in the current market.

    With sound quality top of the list, our watchword ‘Rescuing music from technology’ could not be more appropriate.…

    € 2.500,00
  • Sugden Audio A21 Signature
    Sugden Audio A21 Signature

    The Sugden pure class A design provides affordable high-end performance from a beautifully engineered single box integrated amplifier. Compact in size with a simple but stylish design, the A21 is possibly the only amplifier you…

    € 3.000,00
  • Sugden Audio A21SE Signature
    Sugden Audio A21SE Signature

    The special edition A21SE integrated amplifier builds on the strengths of the classic A21. Offering pure class A single ended operation, the sound remains distinctively ‘Sugden’. Upgraded with a fifty percent larger power…

    € 4.000,00
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