• Audes ST-900 power conditioner
    Audes ST-900 power conditioner

    The Audes ST-900 power conditioner is designed to power high-end and hi-fi AV equipment.
    It has five outputs with a total power of 900W.

    The main element of the device is a toroidal transformer 230 VAC/115 + 115 VAC developed by…

    € 2.400,00
  • Audes ST-1500DC power conditioner
    Audes ST-1500DC power conditioner

    The Audes Power Conditioner ST-1500DC can be used with both sound and image equipment.
    The quality, especially the sound, but also that of a beamer, for example, is greatly improved. The best result is achieved by connecting the…

    € 3.500,00
  • Audes ST-3000DC power conditioner
    Audes ST-3000DC power conditioner

    Using ST-3000 with any AV equipment, including both solid state and tube devices, improves the quality of sound reproduction. The most significant results are achieved when the power conditioner is used with power amplifiers.…

    € 4.600,00
  • Audes DC-B1
    Audes DC-B1

    Unfortunately, our power grid is becoming increasingly polluted by wind turbines, charging electric cars and solar panels, among other things.
    These solar panels supply energy to our mains and when the peripheral equipment is of a…

    € 650,00
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