• Silent Angel Bonn N8 Audiofile networkswitch
    Silent Angel Bonn N8 Audiofile networkswitch

    This switch is an indispensable element in all streaming audio systems. Whether you use Tidal, Qobuz, Roon or especially your own NAS, place this Silent Angel Bonn N8 after your router and experience the difference.

    It replaces…

    € 395,00
  • Silent Angel N16-LPS
    Silent Angel N16-LPS

    Audio grade network switch with linear-powered clock module, and
    low-noise main board for sensitive audiophile system.An exceptional switch to create an high quality isolated network setup, and dedicated to sensitive audiophile…

    € 1.499,00
  • Silent Angel Forester F1 linear power supply
    Silent Angel Forester F1 linear power supply

    External power supply for the Bonn N8 ethernet switch.

    The Bonn N8 switch has been very well received in the hi-fi market. The sound improvement is great compared to a normal “computer” switch. But as a hi-fi enthusiast,…

    € 469,00
  • English Electric 8Switch
    English Electric 8Switch

    8 Switch by English Electric.

    Ever heard of garbage in .. and garbage out? Your network player may be the best in the world, but it depends on the signal it receives.

    Cables are of course an important part of this chain, but the…

    € 599,00
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