• Monitor Audio PL 100 II
    Monitor Audio PL 100 II

    All the wonder of Platinum II’s crystal clear tonal precision is concentrated by this beautiful little two-way speaker comprising a single 6.5” RDT®II mid-bass driver and MPD tweeter. Easy to place in-room the PL100 II will…

    € 4.965,00
  • Monitor Audio Gold 100 5th Generation
    Monitor Audio Gold 100 5th Generation

    The Gold 100 speaker has been carefully designed so that it can be placed in smaller rooms. The class-leading driver technology from our flagship Platinum II series and the beautiful cabinet construction ensure a premium sound and…

    € 2.135,00
  • Monitor Audio Silver 50 7G
    Monitor Audio Silver 50 7G

    The Monitor Audio Silver 50 7G is the ultra compact bookshelf speaker from the 7th generation Silver series from Monitor Audio.
    Despite its compact appearance, this produces a large sound image with impressive dynamics. You will…

    € 850,00
  • Monitor Audio Silver 100 7G
    Monitor Audio Silver 100 7G

    The Monitor Audio Silver 100 7G is a beautifully designed bookshelf speaker that goes a step beyond the ordinary. With Rigid Surface Technology and a new tweeter design, it's built to eliminate distortion where possible. So even…

    € 1.115,00
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 50
    Monitor Audio Bronze 50

    This is the smallest monitor speaker of the already 6th generation Bronze speakers.

    The Bronze 50 is a small superstar with an open soundstage, a surprising amount of tight bass, great separation, with a slightly warmer sound…

    € 420,00
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 100
    Monitor Audio Bronze 100

    This is already the 6th Bronze generation!

    The Bronze 100’s larger cabinet size ensures the speakers deliver a grander audio presentation than the smaller Bronze 50. The renowned C-CAM technology in the new 8’’ driver…

    € 525,00
  • Monitor Audio Radius 90
    Monitor Audio Radius 90

    We couldn't believe our eyes when we first unpacked the Monitor Audio Radius R90 bookshelf speakers. They were downright beautiful, and almost impossibly small. But the real surprise came when we got our first listen. Despite…

    € 555,00
  • Monitor Audio Monitor 50
    Monitor Audio Monitor 50

    The compact Monitor 50s are designed to be placed in a bookshelf type environment and they deliver a surprisingly powerful performance for such small speakers. Their orange driver cones ensure that they will bring fun and function…

    € 305,00
  • Monitor Audio Monitor 100
    Monitor Audio Monitor 100

    The Monitor 100s are handsome speakers designed to be placed on a bookshelf or mounted on a stand.
    With their orange bass driver cones and black C-CAM tweeters, they delight both the eyes and the ears.
    The Monitor 100s are…

    € 385,00
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