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  • Benz Micro Ace
    Benz Micro Ace

    "The ACE SL produced solid, well-defined, yet delicate images within a world-class-wide soundstage of reasonable depth. Its resolution of ambient cues and inner detail were astonishing for $700. Its tonal balance combined…

    € 995,00
  • Benz Micro Glider
    Benz Micro Glider

    The S Class models of the Benz-Micro Glider now incorporate the Benz Dynascan with Gyger S stylus coupled to improved generators using new coil windings and refined pole pieces/damper designs. Albert Lukaschek began researching…

    € 1.280,00
  • Benz Micro Wood
    Benz Micro Wood

    A re-introduction of a Benz Micro classic, the S Class models of the Wood Body SL (low), SM (medium) and SH (high), all incorporate the Benz Micro Ridge stylus coupled to 4th generation cross-coil-generator based cartridges,…

    € 1.700,00
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