The Romanian Meze Audio was founded in 2009 by Antonio Meze. It is a high-end audio company that develops high-quality audiophile headphones and earbuds, known for timeless design, pure comfort and attractive vibrant sound. The big breakthrough of the Romanian company took place in 2015 when, after many years of development, the 99 Classics were launched. Meze Audio does not let trends affect the design of its products and the audio quality. With their idiosyncrasy, they create elegant and timeless products that are not seasonal, but can keep up with the ever-changing and trend-sensitive world of headphones. Meze Audio headphones embody the classic values of clarity, balance and harmony. This is achieved by passionately combining high-end technology and style with high-quality materials and good craftsmanship. The lively and immersive sound of a Meze headphone makes you forget the outside world.

  • Meze 99 Classics
    Meze 99 Classics an awesome all-around headphone.

    I've met the predecessor 88 Classics, which I found profoundly meh. But this new Meze 99 Classic is a whole 'nother story all together. This is a great headphone.

    Build Quality and…

    € 299,00
  • Meze 99 Neo
    Meze 99 Neo

    A fresh take on the 99 Series, 99 Neo brings together Meze Audio’s signature sound quality with cutting edge style. Cast zinc alloy hardware with an electroplated coating, stamped manganese spring steel headband, memory foam,…

    € 199,00
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