If you ask Rik what he prefers to wear in the store, he will undoubtedly say: Stirling. Why? Just because it sounds so good. Designed by Derek Hughes, a designer heavily involved in BBC design. For example, the LS3/5A V2 may rightfully use the title of the original, although with the addition of V2.

In addition to the typical British sound, they also have a peculiar and nostalgic appearance. The term loudspeaker “box” as it was once very appropriate, still is in this case. The Stirlings do come with beautiful veneers that are matched per pair.

  • Stirling Broadcast LS3/6A
    Stirling Broadcast LS3/6A

    Stirling Broadcast's new BBC LS3/6 Reference Loudspeaker. This new loudspeaker is a 3-way loudspeaker designed for Stirling Broadcast by Derek Hughes to be as close to the original BBC LS3/6 specification as was possible with…

    € 5.195,00
  • Stirling Broadcast SB88
    Stirling Broadcast SB88

    Introducing the new Stirling Broadcast SB-88 Domestic Monitor Loudspeaker.

    Stirling Broadcast is proud to present another outstanding loudspeaker design by Derek Hughes. This new loudspeaker is a two-way design, being similar to…

  • Stirling Broadcast LS3/5Av3
    Stirling Broadcast LS3/5Av3

    Latest V3 version of the LS3 / 5A speakers with ultra-low distortion and improved crossover and tygan grills

    It started as a personal project. Doug Stirling wanted the very best pair of LS3 / 5As that could be made. So he…

  • Stirling Broadcast LS3/5Av2
    Stirling Broadcast LS3/5Av2


    The V2 LS3/5a from Stirling Broadcast is awarded Best Loudspeaker under £1000 in the Hi Fi News 2005 Awards, beating both the Sonus Faber Concertino Domus and Ruark…

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